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    We've written this guide after conducting much research into the topic of "what is the best drill press". This question was surprisingly difficult to answer, as there are so many good options out there. What it really comes down to is price, and how much you're willing to pay for a better quality tool.


    The drill press is a very important tool to have in your workshop if you plan on drilling repeated and accurate holes. Without a drill press, or if you only have the basic hand drill you will have a much more difficult time getting the job done. If you're serious about drilling holes properly and accurately then you must be aware of the importance of this tool. However depending on which type of work you will be using the drill press for you may need a certain type or size. There's no perfect product, but there certainly are tools that are better suited to a specific set of tasks.


    The main types of drill press are the bench top drill press (most common), and the floor drill press. Figuring out which one is right for your is extremely important. If you get the wrong one you'll be in a predicament as it could be too big or too small for your workshop. The benchtop drill is shorter and is usually bolted onto the top of your work bench. The floor standing drill press is much taller and is bolted to the floor. Because the floor drill press is much taller it's better for big projects. But if you need your machine to be portable you're obviously better going for a bench drill.


    Most commonly you will find bench drill varieties of the drill press have a shorter column of about 7 - 14 inches. With this size you can tackle most jobs effectively while still lugging your machinery around in your van with ease. This is usually the preferred option for woodworkers, mostly because of the value for money and small size/portability. Another important factor to consider with this is that these will often have an engine with slightly less horsepower, it shouldn't be too concerning for most jobs though.

    In my opinion to make sure you get the best bang for you buck you should read reviews, and become familiar with the tool. My personal favorite choice is the wen 4208 drill. it's compact and efficient.

    Hopefully after reading this guide you are better equipped to make a decision!


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